Highnotes Backstage interview met Ferenc Honkoop - High Notes of Freedom

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interview: Sabine Hollander
camera: Hendrick Smit
Edit: Paul van der Sluijs
Productie: Soulvability
Dank aan: LNN Media

Highnotes is a grassroots initiative.
A year after the Coronameasures that violated most of our historically obtained freedom and our constitutional human rights, life seems to have resumed it’s normal pace, or has it? The fact that the politicians and governmental institutions responsible for this black page in recent history are blatantly ignoring the aparant error of their ways, kind of demonstrates, this wasn’t accidently. The CBDC, surreal climatemeasures, war, excess mortaliteit, expropreation of farmland and food distributers forcing many people onto poverty by design is like a collisioncourse runaway freighttrain with no breaks. So we’re not quite out of the woods yet.
And that’s why the High Notes initiative together with the voices of freedom, in 432Hz will send a strong signal that we the people will no longer stand idly by and partake in the decline and desolation of everything that is dear to us and makes us strong. Music is a powerful tool in which we can reach out to people and unite eachother. After all the recent polarization, it has been absolutely essential within ourselves to come together again and join forces against the kleptocratic forces that are robbing us blind. More info about this initiative can be found on:

The line up of our first freedom concert:

– Juun
– Mieke Rous
-Ukes for Freedom
-Papa Jay Blacksheep – DJ Jean In this video, Sabine interviews singer songwriter Ferenc More about Ferenc:    / @ferenc_muziek  

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